Economic Empowerment

Five Talents Kenya facilitates the establishment of trust-based savings groups through which communities learn, save and invest with the ultimate aim of reducing rural households’ income insecurity. This is achieved by availing financial services access to poor rural communities and encouraging diversification of their income generating activities.

Unlocking Communities Potential

Five Talents Kenya facilitates communities to recognize their individual worth and unlock their capabilities that result in building strong and sustainable livelihoods.


Our vision is to eradicate extreme poverty by restoring human dignity and creating strong, sustainable communities. Five Talents Kenya carries out the vision of five talents International within Kenya and its neigh boring countries. Our mandate is to transform lives through economic empowerment..

Five Talents uses a proven and an innovative model that is both client-focused and community-centered. The model is represented by the acronym STIR.
S- Sustainable - Our programs are long term and seek to establish durable change that can impact members not only in their lifetime but for generations to come.
T - Transformational – We envision a shift in the way our communities deal with their finances and as a result a change in their mind-sets around finances and poverty.
I - Inspirational – The transformational effects of the savings Trust Groups inspires others to join.
R - Replicable – This recipe for financial success can be applied by any group that is willing and motivated to start with 100% success rate.