The World Bank Approximates that 18 million people survive on below $1.9 a day in Kenya. This amount of money is not enough for food commodities let alone education and health care. Five talents Kenya in partnership with five talents UK and five talents US provide training, mentorship, and a platform especially for marginalised, vulnerable, low income earning individuals to access micro-finance services such as saving and loaning to help them uplift and transform their lives in a sustainable way. .

Our vision is to eradicate extreme poverty by restoring human dignity and creating strong, sustainable communities. Five Talents Kenya carries out the vision of five talents International within Kenya and its neigh boring countries. Our mandate is to transform lives through economic empowerment..

We provide business and financial training tools to ensure financial inclusion in Kenya and East Africa. We provide the backbone for establishment of Group-based micro-savings and loans programmes chaperoned by the Anglican Church by providing groups with the necessary financial and business training, and technical support on how to start and grow their groups..