Group members regularly save to their central fund kitty. They later borrow from the kitty securing the loans through peer guarantor-ship mechanisms.
Members elect their own leaders. Five Talents guides the Trust Group in drafting their constitution. The groups set their loan repayment schedule, interest rates and any other fees that may be chargeable to the membership. They share the years trading profits as dividends after meeting the group management costs

Sustainability is enhanced when Groups employ local ingenuity, competencies and capabilities. The result is cohesive groups glued together through ' trust'. These attributes positions them on a promising growth-oriented pedestal.

The Five Talents approved implementation model is identified through its unique STIR features.

Has an inbuilt longer-term capability that seeks to establish durable change that impacts members not only in their lifetime but for generations thereafter.

We envision a shift in the way the communities deal with their finances and as a result a change in their mindsets around finances and poverty.

The transformational effects of the savings groups’ members inspires others in the community to join or all the same start their own.

The recipe for financial success can be applied by any group that is willing and motivated to start with a very high success rate.