Building sustainable and Economically Empowered Communities is the Five Talents Kenya calling and mission. We achieve this by facilitating the establishment of Trust-based savings groups, in partnership with the dioceses of the Anglican Church of Kenya.

Through the Savings Groups, members learn to save and invest. The aim is to reduce rural households’ income insecurity.
Availing the ‘financial services Access’ to the poor-rural communities, and encouraging diversification of their income generating activities builds the necessary safeguards that cushion and smoothen shocks during economic hard times or adversities.


Five Talents uses a proven and an innovative model, which is both client-focused as well as Community Owned and Managed, the church being a promoter and a Trustee.
The transformational aspects are realized when individuals recover their self-worth in God gainfully utilizing their capabilities, skills and competencies that enable them lead dignified lives as people created in Gods own image. Thus, they become faithful stewards.